Premium – Pure Arbitrage


Our real-time arbitrage alerts and research reports present the subscriber with opportunities to make at least 5% throughout the year.  Most of these opportunities require capital for 15 trading days or less.  Many ideas require capital for only a single day.  This means you can keep your long-term investments while moving in and out of arbitrage situations for an additional return.


What is the value of making an additional 5% on your portfolio?


If you invest $10,000,000, an extra 5% is worth $500,000.

If you invest $100,000,000, an extra 5% is worth $5,000,000.

If you invest $1,000,000,000, an extra 5% is worth $50,000,000.




Subscribers will be alerted when an arbitrage opportunity is available via email.  Often times, leading up to the opportunity, subscribers will be told when and where the opportunity may come about so the subscriber can prepare.  The alerts will tell the subscriber exactly how to take advantage of the arbitrage.  You will see what to buy and/or sell as well as the potential profit.




When “arbitrage” in mentioned in the investing world, people are often referring to merger arbitrage or statistical arbitrage.  Our premium service will give you neither.  We concentrate solely on pure arbitrage.  This is buying X and selling X at the same time then waiting for the prices to converge.  These situations happen in rare, niche corners of the world markets that we have recognized.  We continuously monitor these niche areas to supply excellent opportunities to subscribers.



If too many people subscribe, the arbs will go away too quickly.

If you are interested in signing up or if you would like more information, please contact us using the form below.


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